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We offer online and blended learning solutions for your mediums size business that makes sense in 2023 not 1923.

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Your own branded Learning Portal

We create your Learning Portal and then you decide how much help you want from us. We can manage it on your behalf from A to Z or we can at no cost show your HR/Training team so that they also fell in love with the possibilities and how easy it is. This makes training and development focused, flexible & measurable with much less admin.

Developing own training portal or LMS in South Africa with LearnBlended

Why you want to consider us

Allows you and all your employees at small and medium-sized companies access to the following.

  • Your own internal courses for your employees
  • Our online short courses are available to your employees at no extra cost.
  • Our QCTO Accredited qualifications and Skills Programs.
  • Portal where you keep your Policies and Standard Operating Procedures with each employee’s confirmation that they have received it and understood it.

Learnerships and Skills Programs

We provide your business with solutions to ensure you get your skills levy back and massive tax benefits that you get from skills programs and learnerships. This experience and options ensure not only highly effective BBBEE solutions but real learner impact for all your employees.

Run Learnerships or skills programs in South Africa with LearnBlended
Training in South Africa with QCTO

Development of Policies and SOP

Let us help you develop your policies and procedures or ensure that your employees are operationally aligned with effective standard operating procedures.

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Why your own learning portal

Custom Landing Page

We provide you with your LMS own custom branded landing page for your business.


Ensure engaging learning with text, video, and images.

On Computer or phone

Learning can be done on a desktop or on any smartphone.

Our Courses

Our short online courses are available to all your employees at no extra cost.

Train anywhere anytime

Your learning portal can be access at work or whenever it is convenient

Easily Updated

Updating your content is easy, fast at no cost, great for you and the environment.